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Services Offered by NSI Consulting & Development

Corporate Real Estate Department Augmentation and Staffing

To assist our clients in managing the demands of their real estate workload, NSI is equipped to provide experienced real estate professionals to clients on a temporary, semi-permanent (more than one year), or on a project-by-project basis.

NSI can provide one or more individuals to perform specific tasks on a case-by-case basis, or an entire staff of professionals and support personnel to staff a corporate real estate department on a long term basis.

NSI consultants are skilled professionals with proven competence in the real estate industry.  They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and function very well individually or as a team when addressing clients' particular real estate needs.  When a client obtains the services of an NSI professional, the client receives not only the full attention and dedication of that particular professional, but also the skills and capabilities of the entire NSI team.

NSI consultants possess broad experience in many disciplines of the real estate industry.  However, they are particularly skilled in the following areas:

Strategic planning and evaluation of large real estate holdings
Acquisition, disposition, and leasing
Lease negotiations and management
Records and database management
Construction and development management
Special projects (such as transfers resulting from mergers, acquisition, and corporate restructuring)

NSI can place personnel in your required positions on an outsourced basis as NSI employees.  Our program allows you to then hire those employees as you see fit.  This option reduces risk to you of hiring someone whose resume and interview indicate a good fit, but who fails to meet your expectations once in the position for some period of time.  With NSI, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the person we provide, we will immediately find a suitable replacement for the position. 

Also, if you decide you would like to hire our employee, we will release the employee for a pre-determined fee.  Or if you prefer, we can serve as your personnel recruiter.

NSI has successfully placed NSI professionals at client locations who later were offered and accepted full-time positions with some of our largest customers.  Companies who have exercised this option include DHL, General Motors Worldwide Real Estate, Detroit Edison, and Delphi Corp.  The range of placements includes senior executives, real estate managers, right-of-way personnel, lease managers, and many others.

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