GIS Data – Technology Services – Electric Utility

Recently, NSI began working with a Michigan utility company to modernize its real estate asset data, including geographic information system (GIS) data. NSI is in the process of mapping out all this utility’s real estate holdings in the State of Michigan. This involves all real estate property underlying 8,500 miles of line, including fee properties, easements, licenses, and permits. NSI will also identify where the company utilizes road right of way or leased property for their lines. As part of this task, NSI uses GIS analysts to review and map property rights as reflected in the corresponding documentation. Analysts are also populating the related data structures for the geodatabase that will allow these GIS assets to be mapped to records within the utility’s real estate management system (REMS) so that information on any given parcel can be quickly and efficiently accessed. This project is anticipated to take 18 months to complete.