Real Estate Consulting, Acquisition, and Support Services

NSI is dedicated to delivering high-quality utility and infrastructure services from our team of experienced real estate professionals. For over a decade, we have been delivering comprehensive real estate consulting, acquisition, and support services, as well as project management solutions to utilities and large corporate organizations. We have the specialized knowledge and expertise to manage complex site development, right-of-way acquisition, divestiture, and corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Our services are provided on a project-by-project basis, as temporary or semi-permanent support lasting more than a year and as a subcontract or transactional support to augment corporate departments.

Consulting: Our Utility Real Estate Expertise

NSI is one of the leading real estate firms specializing in electric utility real estate and is an expert in managing corridors and rights-of-way. Our team of specialists provides:

  • Property rights analysis
  • Strategic advice and planning
  • Transactional services for large and complex projects
  • ROW inventorying and mapping, including tree trimming and third-party/nonregulated use
  • Route consulting
  • Regulated and unregulated excess property identification, disposition, and redevelopment
  • Corridor and ROW Management for regulated and nonregulated use
Inspecting a Construction Site
Land Surveyor

Acquisitions: Our Site Acquisition Expertise

We possess extensive experience and knowledge in site acquisition, right-of-way management, acquisition and permitting, lease brokerage, and local and state permitting. Choosing NSI as your partner assures you of:

  • Experienced landmen and ROW agents specializing in leases, associated documents, and title abstractors exclusively trained for the oil and gas upstream, midstream, and electric utility industries.
  • Locally based project teams with local knowledge and experience in your project location.
  • Current technology tools, such as GPS, digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, GIS software, and laptops, are used by field agents and support staff to communicate effectively.
  • The NSI Land System utilizes proprietary and readily available technology to manage tasks and projects efficiently, allowing us to report and track projects in real-time.
  • Skillful negotiation of complex land agreement terms underlines our commitment to our clients’ best interests.
  • Field data is provided in a variety of formats to ensure compatibility with any in-house system our clients may use.

The typical services under acquisitions include:

  • Easement and land acquisition
  • Site identification
  • Zoning services
  • Property redevelopment
  • Pre-zoning and public hearings
  • ROW perfection

Support: Real Estate Support and Technical Services

Our staff of experienced real estate and technical professionals, most of them with law degrees, provide our clients with full support services such as:

  • Permitting
  • Title review and curing of defects
  • Abstracting
  • Contract negotiations
  • Research
  • Condemnation preparation and support
  • ROW dispute management

Technology: Real Estate and Information Technology Integration

NSI is the ideal bridge to facilitate communication between legal, real estate, and information technology departments, which is essential in identifying and implementing optimal technical solutions. We can assist corporations in managing and improving their assets by applying digital technologies such as database applications, CMS, and GIS systems. Our services include:

  • Records management
  • Document imaging, digitization, and process modernization
  • GIS consulting and development
  • Data conversion and integration
  • IT web-based tools

Stay Ahead with NSI

NSI is synonymous with experience, expertise, and efficiency. With our extensive knowledge of utility and infrastructure, we have become the partner of choice in delivering comprehensive project management solutions. Partner with us today, and let us help you take your business to the next level.