Spin-Off Advisory Services – Corporate

When General Motors began the process of spinning its Delphi Division into a separate entity, which itself would become a Fortune 100 Company, as a stand-alone entity, GM hired NSI to separate all the Delphi-operated real estate assets in the US for transfer to the new corporation. Involved in this process was the transfer of real estate properties, assets, and rights in 26 separate locations nationwide.

To perform this task for General Motors, NSI assigned senior real estate executives and a qualified NSI team to create and oversee the information collection and identification process. From among GM’s entire real estate records files, NSI teams ascertained every deed, easement, lease, and license that would be needed to effectuate this massive transfer of rights to Delphi and located all these assets on sitemaps of the various facilities to create informational packets for the surveyors and title companies employed in the effort, which NSI also supervised. In coordination with GM’s legal teams, these packets prepared by NSI were then utilized to create new legal documents for each of the transferred properties/rights under the supervision of NSI. To ensure accuracy, NSIC&D personnel reviewed every newly generated transfer document to ensure the proper assets/rights were transferred.

As a result of NSI’s efforts, General Motors was able to transfer all 2,000 real estate assets to Delphi in a timely and efficient manner in under nine months.

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