NSI has an in-house team of experienced professionals, including landmen, right-of-way agents, and title abstractors, who excel at obtaining accurate leases and documents and conducting title abstracting services specifically tailored for the electric utility industry.


We can rapidly mobilize and adapt to meet the needs of evolving industry projects. We are uniquely qualified to deliver a full scope of services for renewable energy projects, from wind farm and solar lease acquisitions to access road acquisition, substation land acquisition, and electrical transmission line right-of-way acquisition. In addition, we have extensive experience in acquiring state and local permitting services, local jurisdiction zoning approvals, and FAA registration filings.


It is essential to have knowledgeable professionals familiar with the local project areas. That is why we deploy project teams that are comprised of dependable, experienced individuals based within the project areas. Our team members bring a wealth of local knowledge and skills, enabling them to complete your projects efficiently regardless of location. We prioritize negotiating complex land agreement terms that align with our clients’ best interests.


Efficient communication is a crucial factor in the success of any project. That’s why we equip our field agents and support staff with the latest technology devices, including GPS digital cameras, smartphones, GIS software, and laptops. This allows for real-time communication and quick collaboration with our clients’ employees and other team members.

Furthermore, we utilize proprietary GIS mapping, right-of-way, and land project management tools. Regardless of our clients’ database and land management system, we can seamlessly integrate our reporting capabilities. This provides real-time reporting and enhances our clients’ ability to manage prospects and projects from a budgetary and schedule perspective. With our dedicated and experienced team and advanced technology, NSI ensures the attention and productivity our clients expect and deserve.

Silhouette Wind Turbines
Solar Cells With Wind Turbines Generating Electricity in Hybrid


We understand the importance of data integration and eliminating redundancies. NSI has been proven to provide field data in various formats compatible with any in-house system our clients utilize. This ensures easy assimilation of field data into their existing databases, streamlining the overall data integration process. We enhance efficiency and reduce complexity by working closely with our clients.

Our Services

Lease and Land Services

  • Lease records management services 
  • Surface and mineral interest ownership reports
  • Leasehold research and reports
  • Lease brokerage management services
  • Lease acquisition for private and state minerals
  • Title abstracting services
  • Drill site title curative document preparation and execution
  • Federal and state land research, reports, and permitting
  • GIS mapping
  • Drill site damage settlement

Right-of-Way Services

  • Regulatory and records research
  • GIS mapping
  • Survey permitting
  • Land title research and analysis
  • Surface interest ownership reports
  • Preparation of easement documents and exhibits
  • ROW easement negotiations and acquisition
  • Land use entitlements
  • Records management
  • Project coordination and document controls management
  • File closeout
  • Settlement of damages
  • State-of-the-art ROW project management software

Planning and Permitting Services

  • Property investigations
  • Site rezoning
  • Conditional use permits
  • General plan amendments
  • Variances
  • Representation at public hearings and meetings
  • Research and testimony

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At NSI, our commitment to excellence, coupled with our renewable energy expertise and comprehensive services, makes us the ideal partner for your wind, solar, transmission, and storage acquisition needs. Contact us today, and let us help you mobilize your project and help build strong community relationships.