Oil & Gas Services

NSI is a proud subsidiary of the NSI Group, working alongside its sister company, NSI Land Services, LLC. We focus on oil and gas services and upstream and midstream pipeline projects. NSI Land delivers nationwide right-of-way acquisition and permitting services as well as local and state permitting services. Our highly skilled team includes experienced landmen and ROW agents who specialize in obtaining accurate leases, associated documents, and title abstractors trained for the oil and gas industry.

Nationwide Coverage

As a nationwide right-of-way acquisition and permitting services company, NSI Land is uniquely qualified to provide a full scope of title and abstracting services, right-of-way acquisition, state, and local permitting services, and settling crop, timber, and surface damages for clients throughout the US and Canada.

With our national experience and corporate structure, we can quickly mobilize our teams of experienced professionals, ensuring that we meet demanding project tasks and schedules anywhere in the country. If the size and duration of the project warrant it, we can also establish project offices in the specific project area.


In addition to our right-of-way acquisition and permitting services, NSI Land also specializes in providing a full scope of O&G lease brokerage services to upstream exploration clientele in major shale and conventional producing basins across the continental US. Our services include O&G leasehold checks, abstracts of title, title take-offs, mineral interest ownership determinations, O&G lease acquisition, acquisition of drill site locations, and settlement of surface damages. We take pride in our team of in-house attorneys who are highly experienced in all phases of eminent domain proceedings and landowner mediation.


When it comes to project execution, our local-based project teams are comprised of dependable and experienced professionals who possess the capability and tools necessary to efficiently complete our clients’ projects, regardless of the location. Leveraging our deep network of local experienced right-of-way agents and landmen, typically located within the project areas, we bring a wealth of local knowledge and experience to each project. Our capability in negotiating complex land agreement terms always focuses on our clients’ best interests.

Gas Pipeline
Oil Pipeline


With our proven ability to provide field data in a variety of formats, we ensure compatibility with any in-house system our clients utilize. This allows for easy assimilation of field data into their existing databases, eliminating problematic redundancy and enabling streamlined data integration.

Our Services

NSI Land offers comprehensive services to support your midstream pipeline and upstream oil and gas projects. Our services include:

Lease and Land Services

  • Lease records management services
  • Surface and mineral interest ownership reports
  • Leasehold research and reports
  • Lease brokerage management services
  • Lease acquisition for private and state minerals
  • Title abstracting services
  • Drill site title curative document preparation and execution
  • Federal and state land research, reports, and permitting
  • GIS mapping
  • Drill site damage settlement

Right-of-Way Services

  • Regulatory and records research
  • GIS mapping
  • Survey permitting
  • Land title research and analysis
  • Surface interest ownership reports
  • Preparation of easement documents and exhibits
  • ROW easement negotiations and acquisition
  • Land use entitlements
  • Records management
  • Project coordination and document control management
  • File closeout
  • Settlement of damages
  • State-of-the-art ROW project management software

Planning and Permitting Services

  • Property investigations
  • Site rezoning
  • Conditional use permits
  • General plan amendments
  • Variances
  • Representation at public hearings and meetings
  • Research and testimony

Work with NSI

When it comes to midstream pipeline and upstream oil and gas services, NSI is your trusted partner. Our commitment to delivering exceptional services, combined with our expertise and nationwide coverage, ensures the successful completion of your projects. Contact our staff to discuss how we can support your specific needs.